Our Beef Products

Beef Boxes

Short on space, people, or just want to try a sample before committing to a full beef share? Our beef boxes are a great option for you! We offer both 20-and 40-pound options, and let you choose the make-up that’s right for you and yours.

All of the beef in these boxes come in state-inspected, vacuum sealed packaging. The steaks are 1-1/4 inch thick and will arrive 2-to a package; the roasts are 3-4 pounds each; and the burger will be in 1-pound flat packs, with an 85/15 meat to fat ratio. Since each animal is different, as is each processing experience, we cannot guarantee that every animal will yield the same exact cuts, each and every time. Typically, though the steaks you’ll receive can include sirloin, T-bone, New York, tenderloin, rib, ribeye, flank, skirt, tri-tip, cube, and more. Similarly, the roasts you can expect include chuck, shoulder, tri-tip, sirloin tip, arm, and more. If you’re looking to customize your order, we can certainly walk you through this process with the purchase of a half share or more.

Beef Shares

Want to stock up for a while? Consider getting one of our grass fed beef shares and always have the best beef ready to go for any meat dish!  If you order 1/2 beef or more, we can help you customize your cuts and package portions to perfectly fit your needs!

Don’t Know Which Beef Share to Order for Your Family?

Try out our beef calculator to find out what product will best feed your family. We’ll recommend the best products for you.

Support Your Local RancHERS

In each package you unwrap, you’ll know that we three ladies, along with our families, have raised that animal from start to finish with respect, care and attention to quality.

We have a combined 12 generations of ranching experience between us, making our story genuine and our product unique. We love what we do and are excited to share our personal experiences of life on a working family ranch with you—the joys, the hardships, and everything in between.