Beef Calculator

Not Sure How Much to Order?

Not sure how much to order? Try out our calculator and get an idea of how much beef your family needs! On average, adults eat about a half-pound of meat per meal and kids eat about a quarter pound. Your family is unique, though, so think about how much each member likes to eat, whether you like to have leftovers at the end of a meal and how often you want to order. Remember, this is just an estimate so reach out to us if you have any questions.

How many are you feeding?
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How much freezer space do you have?
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6 cubic feet of your freezer
Oh no! You might not have enough freezer space. Double check before placing an order.
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1/4 Beef Share

Keep your freezer space in mind!

Buying beef in bulk won’t matter if you don’t have enough freezer space to store it. 

You probably don’t think about the cubic footage of your cold food storage very often so take a look at our little cheat sheet to get a pretty good idea of what your freezer can handle. Think about how full your freezer typically is and take that into account as well.

What does your freezer look like?

Top Freezer

1-5 cubic feet
Since top freezers tend to be small with less organizational options, a beef box will be your best option.

Side by Side

5-9 cubic feet
Side by size freezer can range from about 5 to 9 cubic feet based on the overall size of the appliance itself.

French Door

6-9 cubic feet
French Door refrigerators are usually the larger fridge option and often house about 8 or 9 cubic feet of freezer space.

Small Chest

3-10 cubic feet
This extra freezer is great for expanding your bulk storage options! Smaller chest freezers range from about 3 to 10 cubic feet.

Large Chest/Stand-Up

10-18+ cubic feet
If you have one of these out in your garage, you are probably preparing to stock up and will have plenty of space. Make sure it's not full of other foods first!

If you want to get a more exact idea of your cubic footage, look up your refrigerator model online, or measure it yourself! One cubic foot can fit between 25-35 pounds of food.

Ready to Order?

Now that you’ve figured out how much beef you’ll need, head over to our shop page and place an order.  We’ll follow up with any questions you may have, especially if this is your first time buying in bulk.