Whole Beef Share

Approximately 400 pounds of beef which includes high quality 85/15 (meat to fat ratio) grind, steaks and roasts. The burger is processed in one-pound flat packs. Steaks will come two per package and will be in a combination of rib steak, T-bones, sirloin, tenderloin, round, flank, cube and more. Roasts are 3-4 pounds each and include chuck, sirloin tip, arm, rump, round and more. Brisket is also included. All of our beef is vacuum sealed.


Please Note: Shipping rates are not included in the total cost. We will send you a separate invoice for the cost of shipping prior to sending your box.

We encourage you to contact us at montanaranchersbeef@gmail.com to get a shipping quote prior to placing your order!

Local pick up and delivery is also available.